For Europeans, the day begins and ends with dairy products. Spread across the day, this shows the great versatility of this culinary multi-talent. Milk or yogurt with muesli for breakfast, milk-rice or pudding as dessert after lunch, whipped cream on cake in the afternoon, and cheese with dinner in the evening – all these products require milk of various kinds.

Often a high fat content is desirable, and dairy farmers can influence it through feed additives from Berg+Schmidt. For three decades we’ve been pioneers and market leaders with our innovative palm-oil-based fat powders. Our BergaFat promotes the well-being of cows, boosts their performance and improves the quality of the milk. We can also adjust the ingredient content to fit the final product through feed additives, for example for parmesan cheese.

In Thailand people never eat alone, but always with family, friends or colleagues. In restaurants nobody orders only for themselves, but for everyone, and the food is then shared. Mostly it is the person who invites, or the highest-status person, who decides what dishes to order. The widest possible variety of foods are set on the table, usually far too many.

Soups are always included, especially Thai shrimp soup. This popular opener is intended to stimulate the appetite. For former generations shrimp were a very expensive delicacy, but today the country has so many shrimp farms that Thais eat them in soup as a cheap take-away snack.

Shrimp is a premier source of protein and has become an important export for Thailand. We help the farmers there with innovative lecithin additives for shrimp feed, so the shrimp grow faster with less stress, and are healthier.