Stern-Wywiol Gruppe
From Single Ingredients to Functional Systems

Ingredients for better products

Your partner for food ingredients and essential substances for animal nutrition

Are you looking for a way to give your semi-baked rolls a crisper crust? Are you wondering how to make the surface of your pasta smoother and the colour brighter? Are you hoping to offer your customers vegan dairy products that taste like the “real” ones and are just as easy to work with? Or would you perhaps like your cows to produce more milk? As a leading supplier of food ingredients and essential substances for animal nutrition, we have experts who will develop exactly the right ingredients for you. Let us work together to make your products better and more nutritious, and give them a longer shelf life!

The experts from the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe

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Your partner for enhanced ingredients and functional systems – this is what we offer you:


At our Stern-Technology Center, over 100 scientific experts and technologists from the food and feed industries work on developing more and more intelligent ingredients.


Our success story began in 1980, with the emulsifier lecithin. Since then, we have risen to the rank of market leader among the manufacturers of customised food ingredients.


You know what your product should be like. We know how you can make it come out that way. Why not work with us to create an individual formulation your customers will enjoy?

Let us work together to enhance your foods and animal nutrition products, develop new products and serve the latest nutritional trends! Contact us and let us tell you more about the services we offer – with no obligation.

Torsten Wywiol, CEO and Management Spokesman

Volkmar and Torsten Wywiol are Family Business Entrepreneurs of the Year 2018

With the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe, the choice fell on an enterprise that has grown, in less than 40 years, from a one-man-show into a major player in the global market for functional food and feed ingredients.

Lecithins, enzymes, stabilizers, micronutrients and more

As an independent, owner-managed group of companies with its headquarters in Hamburg, we have been among the most successful enterprises operating internationally in the world of Food and Feed Ingredients for nearly 40 years. The group is made up of twelve specialist firms under the name Stern-Wywiol Gruppe, which produce a diverse range of functional systems for foods and animal nutrition.

Here is a brief overview of our services as a manufacturer of food ingredients:

Our company Mühlenchemie is the international market leader in flour improvers, and ensures excellent baking properties around the globe – from crustless pan bread in Argentina, through wholesome rye bread in Germany, to baked goods fortified with micronutrients to compensate for nutritional deficiencies, especially in the emerging countries. And speaking of optimum nutrition, SternVitamin supplies vitamins, for baby food, vegan products, or as compositions specially designed for elderly consumers or other target groups. And our colleagues at HERZA Schokolade are responsible for the sweet side of life. They develop recipes for the delicious chocolate pieces in breakfast cereals, ice cream and pastry goods. Are you looking for a firework of flavour for a new product? Then you’ll want to talk to our flavouring experts at OlbrichtArom. And get to know the other members of our dynamic group of companies, too! All of them are independent centres of excellence in their fields.

Working together, Creating Solutions

The Stern-Wywiol Gruppe specialists: From single ingredients to functional systems