With LipoVital Protect Aqua, Berg + Schmidt has developed a new type of lipid mix that will provide more performance and reduce the need for antibiotics in aquaculture.

Reducing the use of antibiotics, boosting the survival rate, improving nutrient intake, faster growth, higher resistance to stress and disease, overall better animal health – these are just a few of the promising results shown in initial feed trials with LipoVital Protect Aqua in Thai aquaculture, which Berg + Schmidt ran together with scientists at Kasetsart University in Bangkok and the IMAQUA Institute in Ghent, Belgium.

In one test, thousands of larvae of Pacific white shrimp were fed with and without LipoVital in the aquaculture research lab at the university’s Fisheries Department, and the results carefully examined. It was found that this innovative feed additive is effective against bacterial infections and can be dosed very flexibly, as needed.

The newly developed product is a combination of plant-based medium-chained monoglycerides. It is heat and pH-stable, and has a pleasant taste and smell. It has antibacterial and in part antiviral properties, and is an important source of energy. Its pH resistance means it can act throughout the digestive tract.

Higher yield, lower environmental footprint

This feed additive is designed for use in shrimp farms, and can easily be added to standard feed pellets during manufacture; the amount that needs to be added is between 0.5 and 1 percent. With LipoVital Protect Aqua, Berg + Schmidt provides many benefits: It further improves the productivity of shrimp in aquaculture, enhances animal well-being, raises yields and simultaneously minimises ecological consequences.

With these innovations for shrimp aquaculture, Berg + Schmidt is making a major contribution to the development of this still young industry, which will be a valuable source of protein in the future.