SternLife Immunity, based in part on exotic plant extracts, is an innovative nutritional supplement from the SternLife immunity product line, and has proven its positive effect on the immune system. Products like this are trendy, and not just during the pandemic.

Quercetin and andrographis paniculata, two names that most people have never heard of, are key ingredients for a product innovation with added functional value. Quercetin is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substance found in apples, onions and tea. Andrographis paniculata (also called the King of Bitters) grows in India and Sri Lanka, and studies have shown it to have positive effects against coughing, sore throat, headache, fever, sleeplessness and fatigue.

If you combine these two ingredients with extract of green tea and liquorice root – a Mediterranean plant likewise effective against respiratory illnesses – and add micronutrients like vitamins A, C and D, zinc and selenium, you get an effective nutritional supplement with a pleasant lemon taste that relieves cold symptoms. This pioneering product needs no preservatives, alcohol or artificial colours. It dissolves quickly in water and keeps for a long time, so it’s easy and flexible to use. For example, it’s the ideal nutritional supplement for travel.

Global consumer trend: strengthen the immune system

The demand for products to strengthen the immune system has received another boost from the corona pandemic. According to the Innova Consumer Survey, consumption of such products has increased by 45 percent since the outbreak of the pandemic. The market for cold and cough remedies is projected to grow by four percent annually between 2020 and 2050, and in 2020 worldwide revenue in this category was around US$ 8.3 billion. With products like SternLife Immunity the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe is reacting successfully to this global trend.