Respect, honesty, trust, tolerance and integrity: These are the principles of entrepreneurial activity that have made, and make, the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe successful – yesterday, today and for the future. In our Code of Conduct, which applies around the globe, we have described what we understand by ethical, moral and legally correct action. The rules derived from it complement our corporate values and serve as a basic guide to our daily work. We expect all our employees, whatever their position or function, to support these principles and act according to them consistently. Our executive staff set an example in implementing these rules of conduct, and communicate them actively.

Compliance with the law
We comply with all local laws, directives and regulations. The Stern-Wywiol Gruppe refuses to engage in corruption of any kind, and takes resolute action against such manifestations as bribery, fraud or blackmail.

Human and employee rights
We respect internationally recognised human rights and encourage adherence to them. In no way do we tolerate child or forced labour, discrimination, psychological or physical harassment or similar phenomena.

We offer our employees a socially acceptable, secure and motivating work environment. We observe employee rights such as fair remuneration, regular working hours, the establishment of unions and collective bargaining, in accordance with the statutory regulations of the country concerned.

Equality of opportunity
We treat all people with respect und follow the principle of equal opportunity – irrespective of ethnic origin, skin colour, gender, age, disability, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, social background or political views, as long as the latter are based on tolerance and democratic principles.

Occupational health and safety
A safe workplace and active health protection go without saying in our corporate philosophy. We attach importance to prevention, and take all the necessary measures to avoid accidents and health hazards in the working environment. Employees are instructed to observe the relevant rules. Executive staff undertake to help their teams accept this responsibility.

We produce a diversity of functional systems for foods, food supplements, animal nutrition and cosmetics, and are aware of the responsibility this involves. To ensure that customers and consumers have confidence in the safety of our products, we give top priority to hygiene and first-class quality. Our processes and products always meet or exceed statutory or industrial minimum standards. We expect the same of our suppliers. An unbroken line of traceability is a “must” at all times for batches of both raw materials and finished products.

We conduct our business transactions openly, honestly and correctly. Our principles are based on fair cooperation and mutual trust. We avoid situations in which personal interests conflict, or might conflict, with those of our companies.

Social commitment
We take our responsibility towards future generations seriously, and strive towards sustainable development in all the relevant fields – economic, ecological and social.

Along our entire value chain, our business activities are so conceived that they have as little environmental impact as possible. We attach great importance to compliance with national and international legislation and regulations on protection of the environment, and we make sparing use of natural resources. All employees assume responsibility for ensuring, in their sphere of activity, that their individual conduct contributes to protecting the environment and the climate.

Data protection and information security
It is extremely important to the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe to guarantee the protection of personal data, especially those of our employees, customers, suppliers and partners. We only collect and process these data with the consent of the persons concerned and for as long as it is necessary for carrying out the specific task, or as long as it is prescribed by law.

Care of assets
We respect company property and take care with commercial premises, plant and resources. We treat information on companies and their business as confidential at all times.

Suppliers and partners
Our internal rules of conduct also apply in our cooperation with suppliers and partners around the globe, for we are convinced that responsible action must extend beyond the limits of our own company. We expect our suppliers, partners and service providers to respect our principles and act according to them. We also expect them to oblige their own upstream suppliers to ensure transparency in the supply chain and to allow and support on-site audits. In the event of serious contravention, we reserve the right to terminate the business relationship.