Fit for the future – our new facility in China

Im September our subsidiary in China had two reasons to celebrate. Our CEO Torsten Wywiol, together with representatives of Executive Management, the mayor of Suzhou, important represantitives, customers and partners, opened the new Stern Ingredients China building in Suzhou. At the same time, our subsidiary Mühlenchemie celebrated its 100th anniversary.

The new building is almost three times the size of its predecessor and has a complete cleanroom production area. “Food takes trust! In large labs we can develop individual product solutions to meet customer needs quickly and precisely. The dynamism in China is high so speed is a factor,” said Roman Kraus, General Manager Stern Ingredients Suzhou, on guided tours of the new space. In his opening remarks Torsten Wywiol noted, “With our expertise and this new development capacity we can react very promptly and precisely. We’re ready for the next big step.”

From 99 cows to 600 – meeting of the Cow Ambassadors

Thanks to many sponsors, hundreds of families in Uganda have a sustainable income: More than 600 cows have been donated within two years. A great success of the project “MoreMilk for children in Uganda”, which is only possible with the commitment of so many people.
At the first Cow Ambassadors meeting in Hamburg, more than 75 sponsors were able to see for themselves the effectiveness of their donation: the project coordinator Sister Elisabeth Mwaka reported live in Hamburg about her work on site and gave very personal insights into her experiences. An evening full of the certainty of providing sustainable livelihood with a donation. And so 48 more cows were donated.
The project is a matter of the heart for our company founder Volkmar Wywiol. Started as a modest idea, it developed magnificently. Already with a donation of 270 Euro a mother in Uganda receives a milk cow, with the condition to give away the first calf to another family.

Close to the market: Our new subsidiary in Dubai

The global network is growing: Berg+Schmidt is now also represented in Dubai – and is serving the market in the Middle East from there with Berg+Schmidt Middle East Trading LLC. This region is developing very dynamically and so is the market for animal feed.

Each region has its own special challenges and therefore it is essential to be geographically close to the relevant markets as well. “We are proud that we can now support the industry locally with our know-how and an optimised supply chain” said our CEO Torsten Wywiol at the opening.

With research and development made in Germany, our group of companies with almost 2,000 employees worldwide makes an important contribution to global nutrition.

HERZA and SternLife kicked off the summer with a leap into the future

The new production and office building of our subsidiaries HERZA Schokolade and SternLife was ceremoniously inaugurated on 30 June after two years of construction. The new facility opens up exciting business opportunities for SternLife and HERZA. A new bar line has already been installed and bar mass production will be expanded on the first floor – allowing the bar business to be further expanded soon. “We want to prepare the Norderstedt for the future. The new production areas offer plenty of flexibility and space so we can continue to grow,” said our CEO Torsten Wywiol.

Florian Bayerlein, Managing Director of HERZA and SternLife, emphasized the enormous growth potential in the bar business. The new production facility has four separate chocolate loops. This will make the production of vegan bars, which are increasingly in demand, much more efficient.

The Stern-Wywiol Gruppe invests worldwide in its own production expertise and capacity in order to provide customers with maximum reliability and outstanding quality.

We are Family: Full house at our Spring Party

What a night to remember! When everyone sings at the finale and our name givers hold in their hands a very special gift from our baking technologists, the “Wywiol bread” – then there is definitely good reason to celebrate. Because it was the first big company celebration after a 3-year break.

People were excited. They talked, applauded, ate and danced. In the authentic ambience of the fish auction hall in Hamburg, not only our CEO Torsten Wywiol and company founder Volkmar Wywiol were impressed. The evening also warmed the hearts of over 700 employees, friends and partners. Moderator Judith Rakers, incidentally dressed in the new blue look of our jubilarian Mühlenchemie, led the evening with aplomb. And the evening was a long one – the dancefloor stayed packed until 3:00 am. A real family party! As a keepsake, there was a pack of the wholesome Wywiol bread baking mix for guests to take with them as they left. We are excited to see the results. The Baking Challenge is open!

Exciting visit from Minister Claus Ruhe Madsen to our Stern-Technology Center in Ahrensburg

During the visit, we demonstrated how our company is using innovation to tackle global food challenges. The Minister was impressed by our commitment to research and development. He was particularly interested in plant-based nutrition, micronutrient fortification and flour fortification.

Our CEO, Torsten Wywiol, emphasised that our application technology is the backbone of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe. “This is what sets us apart. We are actively shaping the future here, and we are very proud of that,” he said. The highlight of the tour was a delicious three-course meal prepared by our teams in Ahrensburg. The Minister and his colleagues eagerly sampled each dish, with the vegan mortadella receiving rave reviews.

Minister Madsen recognised the vital role of agriculture and the food industry in Schleswig-Holstein. He expressed his admiration for the innovative ideas and technologies coming out of the state. With new insights and a satisfied palate, Minister Madsen said goodbye to his hosts and promised to visit our Norderstedt site soon, where we develop and produce energy bars and chocolate – made by our subsidiaries SternLife and HERZA.

Oops… we did it again: XLETIX 2022 Challenge

Our team laughs off even mud, rain and cold. And there was plenty of that at this year’s challenge. At the beach in Grömitz on the Baltic, the 12 participants had to dig deep within themselves, because the obstacle course was nothing if not extreme. “On the sloped climbing wall some people turned into the Hulk and pulled others up,” said Linda Eitelberger, Product Manager at Hydrosol and Planteneers.

“𝐎𝐧𝐞 𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐦, 𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐠𝐨𝐚𝐥”
A contestant is only as strong as the team – and everybody showed real team spirit. The up to 20 kilometres of distance and 35 obstacles could only be mastered together and with agility and flexibility. This is something that initiator Paulo Canelas values: “For us as a family company, teamwork and collaboration are very important. XLETIX really encourages the feeling of being in it together, so we encourage everyone to participate in the event who wants to.”

Stars shine in Wittenburg: Spanish sounds from Leipzig

For the 12th time the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Music Festival has graced the region. This year again we supported the festival financially, and invited partners from the private and public sectors, as well as employees, to an almost otherworldly concert. The Amarcord vocal ensemble gave listeners in the packed Bartholomäus church in Wittenburg goosebumps. These five exceptional singers from Leipzig, all former members of the Thomaner Choir, harmonize so perfectly that they sound like a single vocal instrument, yet cover the range of an entire orchestra. Together with selected instrumentalists, they presented gripping and beautiful interpretations of Spanish Renaissance music, to well-deserved standing ovations from the audience.

Before the concert we received our guests in our FlourWorld Museum. Art is especially important to company founder Volkmar Wywiol. “Flour and art are two staples, and we’re proud to make a contribution to both.” A commitment to art and culture in the region has a long tradition at the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe. “We see our support as a thank-you to the people here. As an employer we feel an obligation to the community that goes beyond the individuals who work for us,” said CEO Torsten Wywiol.

150 years of good taste: A pioneer celebrates an anniversary

It all started in 1872 with spice extracts – today OlbrichtArom is an expert for custom flavourings, and has been part of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe since 2010. “The Group offers us flexibility and quick decision-making, as well as the logistical and technical resources of a global player. At the same time, after 150 years we’re still curious about creating new things, and continue to develop innovative solutions,” says Alexander Höner, Commercial Director at OlbrichtArom. Right on time for the anniversary, a new production plant will be taken into operation.
Reason enough to toast 150 years of pioneering spirit, together with the entire staff at the new location in Hatten!

Promoting sustainable cocoa cultuvation in Sierra Leone

Many of the cocoa beans used in our organic chocolate come from Sierra Leone in West Africa. The country is about the same size as Ireland, and cocoa is an important source of income. So that it can stay that way, we support local initiatives.

Our subsidiary HERZA Schokolade together with the partner Tradin Organic makes a direct contribution to environment-friendly cultivation with the Farmer Field Schools and the operation of tree nurseries. In Field School courses, cocoa farmers learn how to combine good harvests with sustainability. We also help with the reforestation of shade trees in cocoa plantations, to prevent erosion, improve soil quality and bind CO². Thus, we help cocoa growers gain a stable income.

Inventor of the first chocolate muesli on the market, developer of unique chocolate pieces – HERZA is part of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe and an expert in innovative solutions.