There are good reasons for the success of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe. On the one hand we constantly strive to widen our know-how and hold our position among the leaders in technological development. But even more important to us is our independence. Since we are an owner-managed enterprise – and will remain so in the next generation – we do not have to account to shareholders for our activities. That leaves us free to concentrate on our customers’ needs and wishes. We are proud of our short routes, quick decisions and entrepreneurial courage, the pillars of our corporate philosophy. Our motivation springs from entrepreneurial creativity and determination to succeed – together with our customers.

We take pride in our competence. In most of the markets in which our group operates it holds a leading position or is out in front in respect of quality. We manufacture functional systems for human and animal nutrition and also ingredients for the production of food and animal feed. We lead the field in flour improvement and flour treatment; our enzymes for food and animal nutrition meet the most sophisticated requirements. Our group is also active in the fields of contract production, oleochemicals, food supplements and food technology.

Innovation in the service of our customers: that is what we enjoy. Every company in our group regards itself first and foremost as a customer-oriented service provider, and only secondly as a manufacturer. Our customers are not looking for products off the shelf. Specialized applications technology and cleverly devised compounding and processing techniques enable us to create functional systems geared precisely to their needs. In personal meetings we ascertain their wishes and requirements in respect of new products and improvements to existing brands. We define the frame of reference and work out a solution with our specialists. Because we believe in tailor-made solutions.

Enterprise: the spirit of our employees. The employees of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe are the driving force behind our innovations. Each of them has a very wide scope for decision-making and bears the responsibility that goes with it. Our dealings with each other are open, frank and highly communicative. This team spirit across the limits of the individual member firms is one of the decisive factors that makes us just that much quicker and better than the rest as a manufacturer of food and feed ingredients.

The future lies in the international markets: we are among the leaders. The Stern-Wywiol Gruppe has its headquarters in Hamburg and is represented through offices of its own or agents in all the major international markets. For the same reason we have set up our production facilities around the globe: in Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, France, Malaysia, India and Mexico. By ensuring efficient and comprehensive quality management we offer our customers a very high product standard and excellent service in all the fields in which our companies operate. Modern quality systems guarantee an unbroken line of documentation and supervision and control of all the processes involving products and customers.