Know-How Connection

The experts
from the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe

The centre of excellence of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe: synergies for the customer

Know-how is the fuel that drives our group of companies. The Stern-Wywiol Gruppe is made up of twelve specialist firms. Flour improvers, baking ingredients, meat additives, enzyme systems, stabilisers, flavourings, vitamins, lecithins, food supplements, chocolate pieces, energy bars, cosmetics or fat powders for animal feed: whatever the product, our specialists are among the best in the world in their fields.

The benefits of our ingredients group for you as a customer:

  • Owner-managed family business
  • Short hierarchies permit short information routes and quick decisions
  • 12 specialist firms give us a head start in ingredients
  • Sharing and concentration of our know-how in research and development
  • 7 Stern-Technology Center for developing customised solutions
  • Individual consultancy and guidance
  • Global linking through 16 affiliates abroad, partner firms, and an international network of research institutions

Why not consult us as partners to enhance your existing products or develop new ones? Just contact us, with no obligation, and learn more about our mission to design and improve products with tailor-made ingredients.

The Experts from the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe: from Single Ingredients to Functional Systems

Each of our companies is responsible for a particular product line and has its own applications technology. That gives us a head start in information, combined with specialist skills, so that we can give you, as our customer, optimal advice. The focus will always be on practical solutions.

Innovation through networking and shared knowledge

The best ideas often come about when applications researchers from different fields meet up for an exchange of information and inspire each other to create new products. Twelve specialist firms meet the demands of different industries for “innovative ingredients”. Each of these centres of excellence is networked with all the others. For our specialists, sharing knowledge in this way is part of their daily routine. That is what makes our group of companies so successful!